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HG Hydroboil Models HG2002 -HG2050 (1994 - 2000) OBSOLETE
Zip RCH Cistern Fed Units
Zip Varipoint II O/Basin Unvented Units VP103 (10 ltr) to VP153 (15 Ltrs)
Zip Varipoint II Underbasin Unvented Units VP103UB, VP153UB Ltrs
Zip Inline ES Water Heaters
Zip On Wall Instant Boiling Water Products
Zip XL Electronic Storage Heaters ZL25, ZL50, XL75
Zip Tudor/Contract Open Outlet Water Heaters P4/52, P4/52UB. C250, C3/50
Zip Aquapoint II AP50, AP100, AP150 and AP300 Ltrs Unvented Units
Zip Hydrotap Units
Zip Hydrotap MK I (2000 - 2005)
Zip Hydrotap MK II Boiling/Chilled & Boiling Only (for boiling water module)
Zip Hydrotap MK II Boiling/Chilled & chilled only models (chilled water module)
Zip Aquapoint III AP3/05, AP3/10 and AP3/15 Ltr Unvented Units
HS H'Boil Models 1Ltr - 7.5 Ltr
Hydroboil Plus Models HS202 - HS208, HS302 - HS308
Zip Tudor/Contract Open Outlet Water Heaters P4/102, P4/102UB, C2/100
Zip Aquapoint III 30 to 100 Ltrs Unvented Units
Hot Water and Washroom Products
Hydroboil Plus Models HP003 -HP007, HP103 - HP107
Zip Inline ILX006, ILX009, ILX012 (ILX6, ILX9, ILX12)
Zip Chilled, Filter Water
Zip Chilltower CH201 Discontinued
Zip Chillmaster including CH101, CH102, CH103, CH104, CH115 - 185)
Zip Varipoint III Underbasin Unvented Units VP303, VP503, VP803, VP953
Zip Aquaflow Direct Unvented S/Steel Cylinders 150 - 250 Ltr Direct
For spares and servicing of Zip products, please give us a call on 028 92 699200 or email:
or HS H'Boil Models HS 10 ltr - 40 Ltr