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Zip brings you the most intelligent filtered drinking water tap ever invented.
Water temperature: adjustable boiling temperature set point, factory set to operate at 98oC for optimum results. Chilled water 3-5oC, 5-9oC or 6-10oC, depending on the models.
Power-PulseTM electronic technology controls the set boiling temperature within 0.2oC and eliminates overboil.
Choice of fingertip control for fast cup filling (lever down) or hands-free pot filling (lever up).
Can be set to require finger-thumb safety operation for boiling water access, eliminating the risk of accidental use. Can also be set to boiling isolation mode for increased safety.
Longer spout caters for under-mount sinks. Extended lever & Braille pads also available.
Energy saving technology
o Low-energy lights signal boiling water is ready, chilled is ready, or filter change is due.
o Hidden light sensor sends appliance to sleep, to conserve energy when the room goes dark.
o Sleeps or powers off after 2 hours of non-use.
o Plus 24/7 on/off timer, allowing power to be turned off, automatically, for weekday or weekend periods.

Power-Pulse™ energy saving technology.
Reduces power consumption by allowing the system to regulate its power during periods of high and low usage. This saves energy whilst maintaining the tightest possible temperature control.
Automatically calculates boiling point.
Because boiling point varies by altitude, Zip HydroTap pinpoints boiling point during installation and sets it accordingly.
Sleeps when inactive.
The system can be pre-set to power down after 2 hours of non-use, but will still retain stored 'boiling' water at an energy saving 68°C, or can also be set to hibernate (power off completely). The system quickly recovers to the pre-set boiling temperature upon further draw-off.
Programmable 24/7 timer.
Pre-set the 'power on' and 'power off' times (once a day) for those periods when the Zip HydroTap will not be used, such as overnight or at weekends (for commercial users).
Cuts down water wastage, too.
Every drop of water is dispensed at the set temperature, so there is, no longer, any need to waste water running a tap until the water is at the correct temperature.

Conserves water.
New, improved air-cooled system, with integral cross-ventilation, does not dump water to waste. An environmentally responsible solution.
Conserves energy.
Choice of four energy-saving settings to allow installers or site managers to adjust each set-up to operate with optimum energy efficiency.
RoHS Compliant.
All materials involved in Zip HydroTap manufacturing comply with the European Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2011/65/EC.
WRAS Approval.
All Zip HydroTap G4 commercial products carry the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) accreditation.

Zip C
Chilled Only
Zip BO
Boiling Only
Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling
3 & 4 in one
Zip BC
Boiling & Chilled
The Choice is yours!
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